I am mildly embarrassed to say that my love for music began with early 2000's Pop-Punk. Raised among the cornfields of scenic Normal Illinois (yes, that's really the town's name), my sister began introducing me to bands she saw playing at local coffee shops. Once I had developed an ear, she encouraged me to pursue being a musician as well. Armed with little-to-no musical knowledge and an early copy of Cakewalk Music Creator, I began making "experimental" electronic music. And by "experimental" I mean bad. Reeeally bad. 

Although my enthusiasm outmatched my abilities, I had quickly fallen in love with the work. I took piano lessons to improve my playing and discovered a fascination with Jazz, Funk, and Hip-Hop as wellAfter moving to Nashville to pursue degrees in Audio Engineering and Philosophy (my second passion!) I began working as a freelance composer.

I found my first gig writing music for a short film with Inkwell Films who are now close-friends of mine and long time collaborators. I have since begun making my way into the wild world of video game music, creating the music and sound effects for Decoral and Just Josh. I have always loved the music of the Animal Crossing franchise and decided to try my hand at making similar work. Thus Welcome To Lemonpepper was born: the soundtrack to an imaginary game that is equal parts Life-Sim and Detective Mystery. I recently had the opportunity to work with Inkwell again, composing for a docu-commercial called MTN x LND x SEA.